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Postby Prophet » 15 Feb 2017, 13:59

Hi All. Just to let you know i've not forsaken you all. Simply that we've had to take someone new on at work which means there are four of us now and we get one sunday off each. Inevitably my sunday off always fall on a non-game day. Pain in the ass really but not much i can do about it at present. As soon as 'something' changes i'll be back. I'm going to try to switch up my Sunday with someone else so i can at least get to one game a month. But then of course it's the only Sunday i get off with the missus . . . So you see my predicament.

Also Vic as a point of note i still have four hires (3 x SA & 1 x AK with mags) and four masks. If you need these back let me know and i'll arrange something

Will keep you posted

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Re: Absence

Postby Victor » 15 Feb 2017, 18:20

Yep ok. Difficult time. If you could get that kit to Chef at some point as I need to swap some bits about myself. Spare room is an armoury at the minute and I need the space.
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