Airsoft KGB is staffed and marshalled by members of Team KGB. Between them they have a variery of Airsoft experience - some dating back 20 years to when Airsoft as a hobby first began!

We also have ex-members of the UK armed and police forces.

As such, we offer high standards of marshalling and sportsmanship as well as "on the game training" from those who've done this for real. The vast wealth of experience means that we're able to make this knowledge relevant to Airsoft. We aim to give people an intensely stimulating experience that whilst not fully "mil-sim" is definitely a world away from speedball. We have a policy of actively coaching and aiming to improve people's CQB, Woodland and team skills.

With 3 specialised Airsmith's on site you're also going to be able to draw on their wealth of experience and troubleshooting with everything from blown gears to upgrading your kit.


The Main Staff:

Mark (callsign Victor): Site Co-Owner, Team FrontMan, Chief Marshall, Airsmith and Part Time Tyrant. Been Airsofting since time began. Noteably good with a pistol (somewhat of an understatement, but we don't want to build him up that much!), he heads up all the training and formally controls the team on Away days. Has been known to Yodel.


Rob (callsign Chef): Site Co-Owner, Site Administrator, Airsmith, Full time Sniper and Part Time Ferengi (One for the StarTrek nerds). Dastardly with a long rifle, been airsofting for about 10 years, spent time in the Infantry and is now self-employed. Does the deals, and fixes the occasional bit of kit.


Kenny (callsign Sledgehammer): One man demolition crew. Kenny was transported back in time to 1940 and is still struggling to get back to us. He is currently somewhere in Vietnam. Kenny is the man with the hammer and spade.


James (callsign Prophet): Staff Team Leader, air-smith and web-monkey. Handy with a bo-staff and sharp objects. Works as club air-smith and helps co-ordinate the teams.


 James (callsign Caramac): Team armourer and qualified first-aider. Runs the commuications and helps with tactical planning for the team on away-days. Also organises hire equipment and supplies 4x4 in-game transport.


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