If you wish to find out more about playing at KGB Airsoft, please log-in over at the forum in the first instance*. This is where the site members and staff hang out and can give you an unbiased opinion on the site, gear, guns and the global economy. This is also where you will find the game rotations and can introduce yourself and ask any questions (we have a 'newbie zone' so don't be scared).


If you're having problems registering drop us an email on - chef1322 'at' hotmail.com (obviously replacing 'at' with '@')



You can also contact Kenny (AKA Sledge-Hammer), who lives locally on 01326 573144 or 07772 877785


Please be aware that most of your questions will be answered in the FAQ's section to the left



*Due to the number of spambot registrations the administrators receive can you please make your screen-name something obvious. 'UB3R-L337-SN1PER' is fine, as is 'Alfred'. Please try to steer-clear of names such as 'Erectiledysfunction69' and 'Makeitbiggerin5days!' etc. Thanks.


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