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After a few months of playing, I decided a sniper rifle of some kind was needed in my arsenal, but typically, I wanted something different.
The shortlist for the rifle came down to:

APS 2 SV - Maybe a bit common
M24 - Upgrade parts seemed a little scarce
KAR 98 - Nice and gas powered

The KAR 98 jumped to the top of the list because of its impressive power straight out of the box. But appropriate optics choices are limited for it, and although I love gas guns, the power and accuracy would vary with temperature. Not really something you want in a sniper rifle…
After a bit of research and soul searching, I decided that it's all very well looking for something unique, but it's a whole lot easier choosing something with a large following as the upgrades and user knowledge will be there from the get-go.

So an APS based project was on the cards.

There are a few alternative stocks available for the APS, the Orca stock, which is available from WGC, looks pretty funky and has a handy spare mag storage slot. But it isn't based on a real life equivalent, which led me to the Shoot and Scoot L96 AW stock.

The L96 is the current issue sniper rifle of many Armed forces, including the British Army, and is also used by security forces. Settled then.

One quick order later had a green stock on its way to me. On it's arrival I was pleasantly surprised by the quality and feel. As supplied you get the stock, with a permanently attached SLR mag, and, nothing else. The rest you have to get from the donor APS - stock pad and actual workings. The stock pad and workings attach to the L96 stock in the same way as the original APS stock, and the fit is good.
The APS magazines are fitted through another aperture just ahead of the SLR magazine.

OK, there are a few things that aren't 100% accurate with the replica - a few moulding indentations are missing, as are the screws that hold the 2 halves of the original together (the replica is 1 piece) and the colour is too dark. But unless you want to buy a KTW replica for stupid bucks, you wont get a better replica. The KTW is apparently not a very skirmishable weapon - the S&S one definitely is.
I have scrimmed the silencer / barrel section and also re-painted the stock in camo (to match my M4).

I had worried a bit about the assembled weight, but the finished item does not feel heavier than the original. It is also better balanced (IMHO), and the thumbhole stock and pistol grip is very ergonomic.

The rifle has been upgraded, not by myself as I bought it 2nd hand in it's current state, complete with scope.

The upgraded parts are:
P.D.I Vacuum Piston V3
P.D.I Adjustable Hop-Up Chamber
P.D.I Steel Spring Guide
P.D.I Steel Cylinder
P.D.I Handle boss
P.D.I Taper Cylinder Head
P.D.I 200 Spring
First Factory - Zero Trigger set for APS2 (Quick Cylinder Mechanism)
First Factory Bolt Handle for APS2 (Right Hand)
KM TN barrel (Custom length)
Systema Hop up bucking
It also came with:
4-12x50mm Illuminated Reticule Scope
ANGS 40x245mm Silencer

This achieves a fairly consistent 460fps. The cocking action is strong, but progressive when done correctly - the correct way is to pinch the cocking lever and boss, putting even pull onto the cylinder. Just pulling the lever will drag the piston back at a slight angle, causing it to rub against the cylinder.

One thing I'm not too keen on is that the Zero trigger has no safety and has a very light pull - something to be wary of. Also when fitting to the stock I found the trigger too high up into the stock and wouldn't pull without fouling on the rear of the trigger guard. This was soon fixed with a homemade trigger extension and a quick dremelling of the rear guard (no smutty remarks please).

Once the hop has been correctly set and the scope zeroed in, the L96 is very accurate and the silencer makes the rifle almost silent in operation, a low pop is all you hear (hopefully followed by ''HIT''). Use grey coloured BB's and your prey probably wont see you either.

Alamo is not really a long-range site, but the dense trees provide good cover and allow me to set myself up in cover, and also allowing concealed movement when a new vantage point is needed. It is also useful in point defence of the firebase.

And that's it, a few quirks that need fitting to your own tastes, and you have a fairly unique Airsoft replica.


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