Walk-on green fees for a regular days play is £20. However, we have a new membership structure in place from 2011. This is a chance for regular players to make some huge savings. We now have three types of membership package -


BRONZE - £20 per-year. This brings your green fee's down to £15 per game-day

SILVER - £70 per-year. This brings your green fee's down to £10 per game-day

GOLD - £250 per-year. This makes all of your games free for the year

*NEW PACKAGE* STUDENT SPECIAL - £10 per-year.  This brings your green fee's down to £10 per game-day. It also brings gun-hire down to £10 (Student membership card must be presented)



The club supplies eye protection free of charge. We have three types; Mesh goggles, mesh masks and paintball masks. Mesh masks are good as they do not steam up. Although these are free to hire we expect players to buy their own eye-protection after their first few games.


The club also provides rental guns if needed. These are £15 per-game. Extra magazines are also available. We recommend that new players come along and use a rental gun for a game or two before going out and buying one. Other players will be able to give you advice on what may be best for you. We have SA80's and AK47's available to hire. Please log-in to the forums and pre-book a hire gun prior to the game you wish to attend.


The ammunition is £10 per-bag (.20's & .25's)


Pyrotechnics; We allow thunderflashes, ball-grenades, smoke grenades and any other professionally manufactured device. Such as BFG's, Claymores and mines. We normally have bangs and smokes available on-site. Bangs are £2.50 each or 10 for £20. Smokes are £3.

Feel free to bring your own too.

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