Review text and images by "Hacksaw".

The trouble of being a bit of a kit fetishist, is that when a new product rolls out you get drawn to it like a fat girl to a free buffet.

So when WA introduced their new Wilson variant - the ''FBI Trial 2003'', I quite literally bit their hands off.
The FBI is basically a single stacker with a few nice trimmings, moving front to back it has:

Front slide milling
Three-hole trigger in silver
Ambidextrous safety
Beavertail safety with palm swell
Speed well
Novak style snag free sights
Lightweight hammer
Plastic wood effect grips with ''Wilson's'' logo inset

The magazine supplied is silver in colour also comes with a large plastic base which allows easy loading with the speed well. Unfortunately, this also means that neither HFC22 nor AE can be used to fill the mag, as the nozzle is not long enough to reach the valve. No adaptor is supplied to get around this. Apparently TM 134a gas does have a long enough nozzle, but I don't have any to check this. Fortunately I do have a couple of standard GM single stack mags so I can use the pistol straight away.

In terms of finish, this is all up to WA's usual fine standards; the grip milling is nicely done and very effective for holding the gun steady when firing. The markings on the slide and frame are also more distinct than other WA's I have.

One the left side of the slide we have - ''1996 A2 .45 AUTO''
And on the right side of the frame - ''WILSON COMBAT BERRYVILLE AR USA WA ASGK''
The Barrel bushing also has ''WILSON'S'' engraved on it.

The sights are Novak styled, with 2 painted dots at the rear and one on the front post. These markings are also distinct and sit within the recesses correctly.

Right, that's enough ogling, now to fill the (spare) magazines and try it out. Being a single stacker, it holds 15 BB's per mag and the gas fill time is suitably short, being a power hungry freak, HFC22 was used.

The first mag was used for a rudimentary groupings test, and provided a satisfactory result at 10m (groupings of a couple of inches - I am more of a combat player than a target shooter ;) ). The second mag was used to test the cycle time to empty the mag - this was done in around 3 seconds, and the accuracy here was still acceptable for combat use.
In both cases the blowback is hard and crisp - a firm grip is needed to control it one handed (the speed test was done single handed).I've yet to Chrono it, but I estimate the power to be similar to that of the WA Cougar previously reviewed - around 320fps.

Of course, emptying a mag like this is not what I want it for - I like the idea of the single stackers from the perspective of having to control your shots - with Hi-caps I have a tendency to ''triple tap'' which is good for Hollywood, but not much good if you miss on all three shots. Having something where I have to make each shot count can only improve my game play. Although I do intend to get a couple more mags ;)

All in all, it's a very nice piece - a bit of a limited edition, and the box says it's a ''Shibuya'' custom too (although this is not mentioned on WGC shop). But under the skin it's still a WA 1911 model, so cosmetics aside other singles will have the same performance. Indeed, the Wilson Combat Service Grade CQB has many of the features listed, and being a ''mass'' production item, is probably better suited to skirmishing.

Oh, just a quick note about the magazine bases - mag changes and function are no different using the mags without the bases. The base just provides a bit more to hold on to. If I can find some after market bases that allow gas filling, I'll probably add them to the mag bases, but really that would be ''gilding the lily''.


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