The site is located near a village called Porkellis. It is directly opposite Poldark mine and is approximately 2 miles outside of Helston.


From Falmouth - Take the main road (A394) to Helston. You'll come to a small place called 'Cambone'. Here you'll see a seperate lane in the road for right turns, turn right. Follow this road straight until you come to a 'T' junction, take a left. Up ahead the road forks, stay left. About half a mile down this road/lane there is a gate on your right (just before the hay bales) turn in and park up. This is in the game zone so you can return to your car as and when you need to.


From Helston - Head our towards Falmouth on the A394. After a couple of miles you'll go through 'Manhay'. About half a mile later you'll see diagonal white lines in the centre of the road. There is a left turn coming up, take it. Follow this road, after a mile or so the road forks, stay right. Follow the lane down the hill and past a couple of farms. You'll come to an open, straight section with hay bales on your right. The gate is just here on the left.



From Camborne - Head towards Four-Lanes either via Brea or Redruth. Once on the main road just follow it South all the way until you get to 'Trenear' and the sign for poldark mine. At the bottom of the hill (Trenear) take a left and drive past Poldark mine car-park. Follow this road straight for about a mile until you see a sign for 'Porkellis' and a turn to the right, take this turn. Follow this road straight for about half-a-mile. You'll see the gate on your right as you approach the hay-bales


The gate in the right of this picture is where you want to be. You'll probably see other people already in there getting ready.





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