Review text and images by Mark "Blondie" Ormerod.

The Wilson Hi-Cap is one of a number of models produced by Western Arms based upon real steel variants of the Colt Government frame. The Wilson is visually and internally very similar to the WA Strayer Voight Series. It differs slightly in the design of the slide and most importantly it is a non hop-up airsoft gun. The Wilson typically has a muzzle velocity of 295fps with a 0.2gm bb at room temperature. Magazines are interchangeable with the SV series.

There are two types of mag both virtually identical. The SV's typically come with silver mags and the Wilson's with black mags. The Black mags are fractionally thinner and therefore slide into and out of the gun with slightly less friction. This combined with the lack of hop make the Wilson the ideal starting point for a race gun. In addition the blow back return spring comes with an optional modification. By adding or removing a small block you can reduce the travel of the slide during blow back, this reduces cycle time. This option also prevents the slide from locking back when the magazine is spent so it is vitally important to count your shots.

With ''Magna Blowback'' and an R-Type valve as standard the Wilson will not cool down as quickly as many of it's competitors and interestingly can be fired upside down. As stated the Wilson an ideal choice as a race gun platform but can be equally effective with heavyweight ammunitions as a CQB man stopper.

The Wilson has proven to a successful and erstwhile companion in the field. The Magna blowback system and indeed the whole package is extremely reliable - with only Alamo's patent sand mixture causing any issues. This particular model has been upgraded with a metal slide and stronger recoil / hammer springs. The metal slide balances the gun slightly better than the ABS version (which was beginning to show signs of stress under HFC22 use even before the stronger springs were added). The recoil / hammer spring combination bring this piece into the 310 FPS range with 22.

The Wilson fits the hand surprisingly well. It operates happily in a single hand for snap firing - and a number of my colleagues will attest to its punch and accuracy for a single snap shot. Switching to two hands for precision or CQB allows for aimed shots - and again with 0.25 BB's it is possible to target shoot even the smallest of exposed player at anything up to 30 or 40 yards. The lack of hop in the gun seems to lead the BB out of the gun quicker than many hop-up GBB weapons leaving less room for 'Matrix' style dodging.

The cycle time is not adversely affected by the blow-back system - meaning the Wilson can put as much plastic in the air as you can physically pump the trigger. The blow-back is solid and convincing - although especially with using HFC22 gas an eventual metal slide upgrade is a necessity. With its ability to happily fire at an angle or upside down, the Wilson lends itself very well to my style of play which normally ends with me in any manner of unorthodox locations.

Mark "Blondie" Ormerod.

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