no players under the age of 12 will be permitted to play on site.


Players under 16 but over 12 may play but must be accompanied by an adult at all times during the day. The adult must sign a waiver for you and have a chat with the staff. You MUST wear a full-face mask for the duration.

Players under 18 but over 16 must have an adult with you when you arrive. They must sign a waiver for you and have a chat to the staff. After this they are free to leave and you can play



1. Absolutely no rubbish to be left anywhere at anytime. If it comes in with you it leaves with you, simple.

2. The directions of marshals are to be followed at all times.

3. Any player may be selected to act as a marshal by a senior marshal. This is usually in order to enhance play by acting in a plot specific role.

4. No player may act as a marshal or don a fluorescent jacket unless they are invited to do so by a senior marshal.

5. A disclaimer must be signed by each player, this is valid for one calendar year.

6. Eye protection must be worn at all times during game play, unless the player is located in a designated safe area. KGB Airsoft recommend Full Face protection when playing airsoft and cannot be responsible for any injury sustained to the face if that player elects to wear goggles only.

7. Members of the public sometimes wander onto the land. If you encounter them please inform the rest of the players to 'safe guns' until they have left the area. Under no circumstances will you discharge a gun towards them

8. Pyrotechnics may be used. Several types are usually available for purchase from Airsoft KGB. These are produced by Spectrum/TLSFX/Enola Gaye. Other Pyrotechnics will be considered please discuss with staff. Dynatec BFG's may be used but only with 9mm blanks

9. Power Limits. All Airsoft guns used by standard players which are capable of fully automatic fire are subject to a maximum power limit of 350fps with a 0.2gm bb with no MED. Support guns are allowed up to 380fps with a 0.2g bb with a 10 metre MED. Single-shot restricted DMR's are allowed up to 420fps with a 0.2g BB and a 15 metre MED. Single action guns are limited to a maximum power of 500fps with a 0.2gm bb, with a minimum engagement distance of 30m.

10. Any player infringing the rules will be subject to either a warning or exclusion. Warnings may be given by marshals and will later be confirmed by a senior marshal. Any player repeating an offence will be subject to exclusion. Exclusion can only be instigated by a senior marshal.

11. Personal honour. All players are required to take hits fairly and leave the game area promptly.

12. When eliminated from a game a player should visibly and verbally acknowledge the hit and vacate to a safe area. (Unless game rules specify otherwise). Players are not allowed to 'corpse'. This involves giving the impression you are not in the game, such as walking aimlessly about or standing to the side chatting. Then deciding you are in the game and firing on another player with the exemption "I was never hit in the first place". You are either IN the game (acting as a combatant, hit or otherwise) or OUT (standing to one side, waiting elsewhere).

13. No physical violence is permitted.

14. Close combat. This is permitted subject to approval of the close combat replica. A single hit from such a replica will inflict the equivalent of a bb hit (unless specific game rules apply).

15. No Airsoft gun is to be discharged at animals at any time.

16. Any player taking action which is deemed as harmful to another players person, personal equipment or the spirit of the game will be subject to the discipline rules noted above.

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