yes! the long awaited review is here!(joking ofcourse)

the AGM (not) m300 shotgun, pistol grip and long full stock review.

First off let me say that yes, i know you get what you pay for. For the price pay'd (12.99 per shotgun + postage).However i am going to be honest and point out all the flaws. Prepare for an essay as im rather bored.
These shotguns are NOT AGM (as advertised), they are infact made by a non branded china factory. They are also not M300 they are modeld after the M500 and infact called "no.003a and no.003".

The packaging, for the box fetishist out there is surpisingly nice, nicer than other cheap chinese boxes i have had.The box for the pistol grip is alot smaller, usual safety waffle on the outside and short descriptions. The highlight of which is printed in bold letters on the front of the pistol grip box, "THE BULLET PLEASE DO NOT EAT". However it doesnt say that anywhere on the fullstock box, so feel free to eat the bb's it comes with!

Taking off the lid you will find the instructions resting loose in the box, everything else is under a thick translucent plastic that raps the intire thing, not shown as ive already taken it off. On both boxes there is an empty space and someone has broken the protective plastic above it on both boxes. I believe there used to be a sling there, whether it was taken out at the factory by the wholesaler or by ActionHobbies i do not know. All speculation ofcourse (theiving bastards!).

both versions come with a speed loader, bag o'cheap bb's, 10rnd magazine and the fullstock comes with a screw driver and 4 screws to attach the stock.

First of all i will talk about the stocks as other than those, the shotguns are exactly the same. Holding the pistol grip version is dissapointing even for something this cheap, space is clearly visable inbetween the seems running down the back of the grip. Theplastic of the grip is very cheap, it feels like i could twist it off in my hand and would probably be sticky on a hot day. I think its the same plastic used in chocolate box's. I always wear gloves so this doesnt bother me that much, but for some it will.

Opening the fullstock version the first thing you will notice is the smell, yes thats right the fullstock smells. ALOT, this will however fade with time. Part of it is the body of the stock, though 90% of the smell is the rubber butt plate. You know the smell of those rubbery shoes and inflatables they sell at beach side shops? That exact smell (once the initial pong of the stock is gone), *smells* AHH childhood memories. The body of the stock is of nice quality plastic and has a nice finish to it. To the point it makes the pistol grip plastic seem even cheaper! It is also weighted, the only criticism is the amount of screws holding it together (nothing polyfilla and a respray wont fix).

it is a shame that both stock's are not held in place by just one screw like the real shotgun. I am impressed with the quality of the fullstock, not so much with the pistol grip version.

The rest of the shotgun is exactly the same for both versions. On the pistol grip version as soon a i picked it up i heard something ratling loose inside, i have fired it and it works fine. No idea what's loose. The plastic is sturdy and doesnt creek, infact i would go as far as to say it's of a good quality. The parts that need to be metal are (heatshield, magazine tube and pump arm), except the trigger which is plastic and really needs
to be metal. If you dont like it the heatshield is easily removed. The pump is very loose, even for na airsoft shotgun and does rattle.

the only gripes with looks i have are the hopup adjustment and the magazine release button. The hop up adjustment is a lever where what would be the ejection port is. It also have underneath printed, "normal" and "hop" with little arrows. Its very ugly and easily knocked, altering the hop. The magazine button pretudes out the bottom and is alittle ugly.

now to the big failure of this shotgun, the magazine! 10 rounds is really nothing, the magazine is terribly designed. The shotgun shell style holds 30 rounds and its half the size of this, also cooler. It fits extremely tight in the magwell and is a bastard to get out again. Sometimes not all the shots fire. You deffinatly need the supplied speed loader as they are very tough to load by hand.

The pump action is smooth and takes little effort, the gun can also be slam fired. The trigger pull is pretty standard for a airsoft shotgun. The pump doesnt sound like it does in real life and compared to my other shotguns, but still makes a satifying click clack sound. The safety is fake, the working safety is located by the trigger guard, its extremely stiff and there are no sights. The big surprise of these shotguns is that once the hop-up is dialed in they shoot very straight and very consistently. Both shotguns chrono'd ~330fps, which is very respectable. The sound they make when fired is a hollow pop.


is it worth £20.98? (cost plus full postage) yes, easily.

do you recommend it? simple answer, no. Complex answer, 43.

i bought one of these because i wanted the heatsheild for another project, while i was at it i decided to get another for the sake of it. For £12 it is very good. if you are looking for a single shot shotgun for £20, then this is it. If your looking for a cheap shoty, then this ISNT it. The DE shotguns have a higher capacity and also come in 3 shot versions. They also dont have the magazine issues this gun does. They look and are finished alot nicer. If you are going to get one of these personally i would get the fullstock or atleast refinish the pistol grip.

I will be keeping the fullstock version polyfilla'ing the holes and giving it a paint job. I doubt i will ever skirmish it though, unless i am looking for a real challenge.

taking the price into consideration i would give it a 9/10, if it cost as much as DE i would give it 3/10. Nice plinker but would be difficult to skirmish.

please excuse the poor photos and stained tablecloth : )

Review by 'Aceofskulls'

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