This is a quick review of the G&P AR15 (the first Vietnam M16) you know I stopped at the 70's so,having purchased the M14, AK47 and the L1A1 I wanted one of the Vietnam M16's to complete my set

First off I looked at the AGM & JG M16's but as these were basicly the later A2 Models just fitted with a Triangular Fore end they were discounted....I considered using them as a base gun and getting the G&P Upper & lower Receiver kit and the 'Tulip' flashhider but was not happy about this due to the additional costs and the knowledge that Soggy had had one of the AGM's and the Forward sling swivel broke dumping the gun on the ground & resulting in a snapped in half gun!

The TM one was fairly accurate but 'shudder' all plastic and not particularly cheap, plus none too rigid - so, finally I came upon the G&P - this is a custom built rifle in the sense that originaly they only offered a parts kit of the upper/lower receiver and the complete fore end to fit the TM but when you looked at the price of buying the TM & then the G&P parts kits it became a stupidly expensive gun!
However, they now supply a complete gun at a quite reasonable price - about the same price as the conversion kit so a bit of a no brainer!

As a custom gun, it comes in a plain box with no moulded insert or instructions - not even a cleaning rod or a bag of BB' get the gun full stop!

So,here it is, "The Widowmaker" as it was known - for two reasons - as the wrong propellant powder being used caused many jams leading to many 'Grunts' being killed whilst trying to unjam/clean their weapon whilst in combat, and also due to the rounds tumbling as a result of the early models having a 1 in 14 twist on the rifling leading to massive wounds and not many survivors!

Shown with an original 60's/70's pattern sling and some D boys 'Vietnam' 190 round Hi caps (the gun comes with one 110 round mid cap! but no battery  ) so, battery duly bodged up - hence the request for large tamya connector whilst a couple of new ones were ordered!

Next pic shows the distinctive triangular foreend and the tulip flashhider (sometimes called a duckbill)

Next up a closeup of the left side showing the markings and the parkerized colour finish

The right hand side of the receiver is lacking the bolt forward assist and case deflector of the later variants and the dust cover will not lock closed as there is no recess cut in the bolt with all M16's pulling back the charging handle slides back the mock bolt to expose the hop up adjustment.
The weapon feels reasuringly solid with a nice but light(as per the original) heft, the sights are a basic choice of two aperture peep sight left right adjustable only/ elevation is done by adjusting the foresight post height.
I have not had a chance to shoot this gun yet but a quick dry fire to check everything works seems to indicate a reasonably high rate of fire and hopefully good power/range - the acid test will be when I am back 'In Country' continuing my tour....on first impressions though a very nice addition to the combat infantryman's airsoft arsenal 

Will update with an 'After action' report soon.

Review by 'Sledgehammer'

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