It's fab, I love it, end of review

Oh alright

As is traditional with such reviews we shall start with a gratuitous shot or two of the box;

The pistol looks great, superb quality of finish, I'm really becoming a Tanaka fan although the pics don't do it justice

For those of you unfamiliar with the weapon, it's main feature is it's slim design. Here with my 226 for comparison

The look of the pistol is very accurate even incorporating the magazine safety which means the action can only be fired when a mag is in the pistol. This feature caused more gunshot wounds to the Army in Northern Ireland than PIRA ever did. Being a MkIII it also has the ambidextrous safety. Unlike modern double action Glocks, Sigs etc the Browning is a single action pistol which means the hammer has to be cocked, manually or using the slide before the first round can be fired. The pistol was normally carried in Condition 3, that is mag in, chamber empty, hammer down & safety on. We tended to carry in Condition 2 which was one in the chamber and hammer down, not easy to do without a decocking device and was another regular cause of NDs. When nervous(!) we used to carry it in Condition 1 - one in chamber, hammer cocked and safety on.

As I said, pistol is very accurate, remarkably similar to mine in that it has no lanyard ring (I had mine removed so I could fit Pachmayr grips) and no mag retention spring. The RS had a spring which stopped the mag sliding out of the pistol when the mag release button was pressed, most of us had this removed. The only difference between this and the issue pistol is the hammer which is of the spur type rather than the round version on the L9A1.

Had a quick play in the garden, mag holds enough gas for almost 3 mags worth of BBs and fires really nicely, probably a bit more powerful than the 226 and just as accurate.
Very, very pleased with this pistol, I carried the real thing everyday for 5 years and it really is like having an old friend back. Set of grips are on order, just need to find my covert holster and I'll be 21 again. I wish.

Now all I need to complete my 1980s loadout is an MP5k, G3A4 and an Remington 870. Hmm Tanaka make an 870.......

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