Well, it finally arrived....

fairly unassuming brown box, decent packaging and everything secure inside.

You get the usual stuff as with all Chinese guns, Gun, hi-cap mag, battery, cr@p charger, etc....

The gun itself comes with a Metal Receiver, metal outer barrel (which is two-peice), ABS pistol grip, foregrips and stock. It's well made. It doesn't have any trade marks on it (not sure if the real steel does or not) with no major gaps or flaws.
As received, it suffered the usual Chinese quality control or lack of....

The foregrip wobbled about, and the gun felt pretty garbage (I'd had heard of this issue prior to purchasing so it wasn't a big shock).
The real odd thing about it was the barrel location into the body of the gun. It basically sat inside a recess and was free to spin around. So effectively the fore end was free to pivot and the only thing holding it in place was the sum total of the rigidity of the parts of the fore end. Which didn't amount to much.
The fix was pretty simple.

Dismantled the fore-end and installed some grub screws into the holes provided. This locked the outer barrel in place and solidified the front end. Now it's as solid as a rock and feels pretty damned funky.

Upon my taking it to bits, I've found it's based on some half breed version of a Version 2 gearbox. There are some odd cogged affairs going on, on the outside which have something to do with the fire selector. I've not looked into it any further at this stage.

It's surprisingly weighty, but not overly so. Just enough to inspire some confidence, but not enough to be a burden.

I've given it a bit of a trial shoot and the hop seems to be nice and responsive with most of the shots going in the same place. The hop is a 'round the barrel' type adjuster and gives a fairly good range of adjustment and seems to be relatively stable (thus far). There does appear to be some feed issues with the magazines, but I think this is likely to be a simple fix with a bit of fettling in the mag well. No idea whatit crono's at yet, but the range is pretty good, easily going the length of my garden.

ABS Foregrip is only big enough to accept a stick battery, or some form of custom type that will need some creative thinking. I'm going down the Li-Po route and this should be more than adequate for this type battery.

I've changed the stock over from the M4 retractable style one (which is up for grabs should anyone want it) for a MagPul PRS style stock. This makes everything sit very nicely and balances the rifle quite nicely.

I've added a Nice M3 style scope.

I've still yet to fettle in the innards and source a barrel extension to get it to where I want it to be.

Initial verdict...

Not bad for the money!

Review by 'Chef'

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