"This is the AK 47 - the preferred weapon of your enemy - and it makes a distinctive sound when fired at you!" a classic line from a cheesy film most of us know and love and a good start for this!
Another of my all time favorite weapons (got a "real steel" .22 shooting version of this) and probably the only weapon virtually everyone on the planet who has access to TV can recognize and identify , or to quote an advert for the Chinese Semi autos that used to be legal to own - "35 million users can't be wrong!"


Continuing my trend of buying great but cheap Chinese guns this is the Cyma version bought "as new" for (cough) £100 mumble mumble.....
Fit and Finish are very nice although that is almost guaranteed by the fact that it has a full metal body and real wood furnitures fitted!

All my guns are getting the same treatment - where real wood is available I will get it and I always buy metal guns as opposed to plastic ones (someone will no doubt remind me of that if I ever get a G36)
The difference is quite noticable - although the weight is not greatly increased the gun just "feels right" and the tactile sensation from the wood helps dispel the fact that at the end of the day this is a "toy" gun,
not to mention it is more authentic for a gun nut like myself.

The ergonomics are for me anyway, superb - the weapon is nicely ballanced and comes up to aim effortlessly and the post and notch sights allow for quick acquisition of the target and suprising accuracy (considering the real thing climbs high and pulls right!) And the hop up unit is accessed by pulling back the cocking bolt handle to reveal a slider to set the hop.
Another well built and good shooting product at a silly (cheap) price with the bonus of spanning generations - if any themed games are done it covers everything from Korea (youngsters will have to look that one up)
Vietnam and virtually every conflict on the planet up to the current day.

Review by 'Sledgehammer'

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