This is a quick review of the A&K Dragunov SVD long range rifle
This rifle was a weapon I had wanted for a very long time even to the point of owning it in "real steel" however price and the lack of a suitable range to shoot it on ruled that out from a practical stand point.
A few airsoft versions were available but I was not prepared to spend that sort of money on a "toy"

Then out of the blue almost this beauty dropped into my life

The purchase of this was a complete no brainer!....something I had lusted after at a price even I could not grumble about - £95!
The rifle itself is a very accurate copy of the real thing with only two exceptions - the first is it is only a single shot,being a straight pull springer as opposed to the semi-automatic of the real thing, still as a long range marksmans rifle no great hardship(at least not £300 worth more for the Real SWord semi-auto!).
The second - correctable! is that this rifle comes with black abs furniture instead of the laminated wood of the real deal.
Newest dragunovs do have polymer furniture but both the front handguard & the stock are of different designs to these...however the more craft minded amoungst you will no doubt be thinking "nothing that some painting brown won't fix" or in my case ordering a real wood kit (in transit hopefully from china - review will be updated when fitted!)

The rifle is of full metal construction minus the furniture and uses a VSR type cylinder and hop unit, the straight pull being quite easy despite a good spring being fitted(although some people say they get blisters on their cocking finger...Aaaaawww! A high capacity magazine approx 200 rounds is the only thing you get with the gun (apart from a very long plain brown box!) no instructions Nada!, Zip!
Despite this I managed to work out "BB go here - pull dis, pull dat - it go thwak!"
Chrono'd originally with PCals chrono at 114/120M per sec - around 380fps using .30's! so none too shabby!

Of course, the Dragunov was originally intended to be fitted with the POS-1 scope - so, off went an order via Fleabay for a repro chepro copy

And the finishing touch the good old soviet sling!
Well what else can I say? - with the scope and sling it is a looker...just need some work to get the scope on to point of aim - bit difficult on a sight meant to be zeroe'd in at 900 meters still, it is a very good shooter on the attached iron sights and a good looking alternative to the L96's

UPDATED! - Wood Kit Arrived!...most impressed with it in terms of quality of fit & finish, not to mention very good price!
Rifle now feels solid as a brick Sh*thouse 


Review by 'Sledgehammer'

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