Warrior gear reviews.

This is a general review of Warrior gear.

I have owned a warrior plate carrier (RICAS compact), a warrior chest rig (D.A.R), a Low profile Harness and various pouches. I would'nt call myself a "geardo" (though im sure some people would), i would never spend the amount some people do on gear (like £200 for something to add to the "look"). However for the price Warrior gear in my opinion is easily worth it.The majority of gear they produce is bought by men serving in the UK armed forces and operators. So of course it is more than good enough for airsoft purposes. They even have a blurb from Jon "Mac" macaleese on there webpage, aparently he is a big fan  . Warrior also believe in there product and this is evident by the fact there gear comes with a 5 year guarantee including stitching and material damage from everyday use.

All products are made from 1000D cordura, paracord and high quality plastics.They are the highest quality manufacturer based and available in the UK and the price though more than alot of people would pay is very reasonable for what you get.

to give an example;
a BlackHawk cut away vest is £269
a Warrior RICAS compact base(basicly the same thing) is £90

R.I.C.A.S compact base


This is a compact plate carrier origionaly designed for use in vehicles. Though it is smaller it still takes the same size plates as the larger RICAS. This is the first bit of Warrior kit i owned. The RICASc is very comfortable and easy to put on, it has a quick release mechanism incase of injury. Even loaded with everything you need for a days skirmish it is very comfortable and distributes the weight nicely. It is highley customisable with more than enough Molle space for everything you need to carry. However for airsoft owning a RICASc really isnt neccesary, its very much a style choice. For CQB this thing was great, i had everything i needed on me where i wanted it and the vest it self took the hits rather than me (ofcourse i still counted them  ). Outdoors though i would not recommend it, simply because the extra weight is not worth it over the longer distances you have to travel. Like i said though this is a style choice, if your a geardo or want that "military feel" these are extremely good for the price.

Now to the price, these are NOT cheap. Due to high demand the price has gone up steeply. I bought the "RICASc m4" setup (base with various pouches) for around £80, checking UK tactical the same set up now costs £114.95. Abit steep for my tastes now, but if your willing to spend the money and lug the weight i heartedly recommened these. Especially over the Chinese clone PC's that by the time you have payed postage and possible duties comes out not much cheaper for a far inferior product.

D.A.R chest rig


The DAR is a chest rig which main features are the quick draw built in magazine pouches and MOLLE loops. On its own its very light weight with a long net pocket on back and zip pocket that runs along the top. The quick draw pouches hold 6 magazines, though design for 5.56 i have used it to carry anything from AK74 to P90 magazines. It certainly made vic chuckle when he saw the P90 mags sticking out the top, but they held nicely in place even when going prone. The DAR is very comfortable and i havent experianced any back problems, like i have with cheaper chest rigs. All the materials are of highquality and no Molle loops have broke on me (knock wood). The stitching is highquality and in some places double or triple stitched.

These cost £45 for just the chest rig itself, this is a good price for something you could potentialy be using for 10 years.

Low Profile Harness


The LPH can be used with any load bearing belt to increase the comfort and weight distribution. A belt can be simply pushed through the loops, or if the belt has attachment points clipped on. The belt is extremely comfortable and judging by the materials and stitching (as with all Warrior gear) very hard wearing. The only complaint i have is that sometimes one of the poppers will come un-done.

Molle pouches

ill keep this section short as possible as it will just be more of the same. High quality blah blah blah double stitching blah blah blah materials blah. All the pouches are designed to be attached by Molle loops.

The double 5.56 pouch is designed for surprise surprise, two 5.56 magazines. You wont fit anything bigger than 5.56 magazines in them.The flaps Velcro down, the velcro is very strong and shows no signs of wear or fluffing despite heavy use. I use one of these pouches as a holster and havent lost my 1911 yet. When bought new they have elastic retention straps running around the outside. I found this made it difficult to remove/replace the magazines, so i have cut these off and function is not effected.

Dont let the name fool you the small utility pouch can easily fit a fresh bag of ammo and a speed loader in it, with a fair bit of space to spare. The zips are nice and have paracord pull strings. The front and sides have Molle loops.

Radio pouch . Fits my Motorola XTNiD with a small speed loader next to it. The paracord retention with cordura and plastic buckle can be adjusted in size. It has a elastic retention strap around the outside.

double 9mm magazine pouch, this pouch is a very tight fit. This is the one case i would reccomend something else.


i may sound like a fanboy or a geardo, but for what you get warrior gear is worth it. You pay for what you get and with Warrior expect to PAY. Having said that compare the prices to other "proper" gear companys and Warrior is far cheaper for plate carriers and chest rigs. For Molle pouches the prices are simular to say Viper, but much higher quality. If you want to spend money on Molle gear then Warrior is the right company. China may be able to pump out simular stuff but the materials are inferior, a close up hit to a plastic buckle it will shatter or too much weight on the Molle loops they will break or loosen. Not with Warrior gear.

pretty much all my Warrior gear was bought from UK tactical, who have great service. http://uktactical.com/ Links will be replaced by pics when i get round to it.
Review by 'aceofskulls'
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