Firstly i did review this weapon 2 years ago, but i quite fancy redoing it . . .


Its no big secret that i quite like my Aug's. I used one extensively at the indoor site and at retallick. That in itself says something, doesnt it ? How many of you would choose the same primary shooter for both woodland and CQB games ? Very few i would imagine. Indoors your spec will probably something along the lines of :-

- Small
- Light
- Good ROF
- Ambidexterous

Whereas when out in the woods you'll probably be wanting :-

- Accuracy
- Range
- Power
- Ruggedness

Of course the good old Aug fills ALL of those critera, except maybe 'light'.


I always quite liked the idea of a bullpup rifle (working parts behind the trigger mech). The fact that you could squeeze a barrel that's almost twice the length of a carbine into a rifle that is the same length as an M4 (stock collapsed) was quite an appealing one.

The first Aug i bought was back in 2008 from our friends over at RSOV, this was when the pound was strong and the only recession you heard mentioned was when your dad was drunk and telling you stories from his youth. I think i paid around £80 for the rifle, shipping and import tax. Nowadays you would probably be looking at about £120, assuming customs dont blow it up thinking its some kind of WMD. The second one i bought more recently was from airsoft world, i think it cost me about £130 all-in, which, when you consider the cost of a brand new marui before clones appeared is pretty bloody good (the TM equivilent would set you back around £280 back then, magazines were an extra £30 each). Of course this begs the question - 'If you like it so much why sell/buy another one'. My only answer to that is that i wish i never sold the first one ! I was going through that armalite phase (you know the one) . . . .

In the rather elaborately decorated box, adorned with gems such as 'FULL AUTO SNIPING GUN' and 'BIG METAL WHEEL BOX' you get the usual paff. The shooter itself, battery, charger, instructions, 'iron' sights and cleaning rod. Grab the gun and the cleaning rod and dispose of the rest in a sensible manner, its crap, especially the sights. Two small plastic monstrosities that want to be able to call themselves sights. A tip - Keep hold of the cleaning rod ! Unless you have an M16/bolt action one kicking around at home, none of your existing ones will be long enough. First impressions upon picking the rifle up are 'its heavier than it looks' and 'its surprisingly comfortable to hold'. The entire front assembly of the rifle is solid metal, cold and heavy, everything metal should be. The body is thick ABS. No cracks, no creaks, no seams. Because the gearbox is right in the ass the rifle is well balanced too, you can comfortably hold it on target with one hand (unless you are a tad on the skinny side)

I mentioned the fact that it is ambidexterous earlier, well they dont come any better than the Aug for you lefties. Firstly you can change the rubber cover over the ejection port to face the other side. This allows you to adjust the hop on the fly with your left hand. Also the magazine release catch is on the centre line behind the magazine well, easy to thumb with either hand. However thats not it ! You can also pop out both the safety catch and the body release pins and reinset them the other way around ! Something you can do on few, if any other rifles (if using a rifle such as this left handed normally the safety button will be pressing into your fore-finger and can be easily pressed in accidentally). The last point that makes the Aug truely perfect for lefties is that there is no fire selector. Pull the trigger until it stops for a single shot, pull it past this point for full auto. There is enough of a 'stop' between the two than you can easily distinguish between semi and auto.


As you can see in the picture i have modified my Aug slightly to suit me. The first thing i always do when buying guns is give it a good overhaul. This means a thorough barrel clean, tighten, clean and lube. I also normally strip the gearbox down for a good clean. Whilst im in there i'll install metal bushings, a 1J spring and a stock TM piston. Give it all a good regrease and slap it back together again. This is where the Aug shines. If you want to get the gearbox out of this sucker you take out two screws . . . . That's it. As for the barrel and entire front assembly, these can be removed in seconds allowing you to clear jams, clean the barrel or work on the hop unit. The hop unit itself is a roatary drum type similar to a G3/Sig, just a bit smaller. It works a charm and stays set. I have also removed the front folding grip, this is one of the 'meh' points of this gun, its a bit twangy and annoying, i can use the gun quite happily without it. I have also shortened the outer barrel by about 4" and added a silencer to cover to 4" of inner barrel that inevitably protrude afterwards. This means i have still got the 509mm barrel but in a much more compact package. The silencer works very nicely too making the barrel report almost inaudiable at 20 yards. All to often in airsoft games you open fire only for the target to hear your AEG and duck behind cover before the rounds arrive. Lastly i have removed a couple of inches off the back of the RIS rail on top. It's still plenty long enough to mount an optic of your choice. I removed it because during one game i hit the deck quickly and the end of the rail hit me in the face carving open my lip and almost removing my two front teeth, those that know me know im ugly enough as it is.

I actually dont use sights on my AEG . . . At all. How often do you really use sights on an AEG (DMR's etc not withstanding) ? Personally i never do, i fire a round and then walk them in, tracer style. Im sure you all do the same, so whats the point ? Apart from 'it looks nice' ? Saying that i do use a holographic sight indoors as it allows me to keep my weapon trained on a doorway (or whatever) and keep both eyes open.

Of course its nice having a good looking, ergonomic shooter. However if it doesnt shoot well then you'll quickly look to be rid of it. This is one area the Aug really shines. With the Aug you are getting a rifle with the same range as an M16 but small enough to hide under your jacket (why !?). With the hop set properly and feeding it a mag of .25's it shoots straight as a die. It'll also give those pesky snipers something to think about as you open up on them with accurate fire from 60 yards. The Aug magazines come in three flavours; Low (30 rounds) mid (120 rounds) and high (330 rounds). They also come in two colours; Translucent grey and black, the former allows you to see roughly what is left in the mag. I do have a couple of small gripes with the magazines though. The first is due to the way the mag locks into the rifle is has a small 'spike' sticking out of the back facing down. If you stick the mag into a pouch upsidedown this can catch on the fabric whist pulling it out. The other is the little sliding door that allows you to fill it. It doesnt click into position when shut. On a few occasions i have pulled the mag from its pouch only to give myself an impromtu BB shower in the process. However they wind and feed perfectly well and really snap into place nicely into the rifle. There is one small modification i would recommened before we move on. There is a small gap in the body of the rifle inside the mag well. Stick a bit of tape over this hole as sometimes BB's can find their way into the body. It wont affect the performance of the rifle but the rattling will drive you to distraction.


Actually shooting the rifle is intuitive and very user friendly. I find i can point the rifle at an object and more often than not, hit it first time. Thats not becuase i have UB3R L33T M@D SKILLZ, just that the rifle is balanced nicely and has a clean trigger pull. The only downside when shooting bullpups is that you lughole is right next to the gearbox. This means it is quite loud to the shooter. On more that one occasion i have been hosing some poor chap in a bush thinking to myself 'man, this guys really aint taking his hits' only for me to release the trigger and him them saying '. . . IM F******G HIT OK !!!!'. So if thats been you, my bad.

Theres not really much in the way of aftermarket modifictions to be had for the Aug. You can get the KA phantom kit (a big silencer basically), a 203 mounting bracket and a HBAR kit (long barrel with bipod) but not a lot else so its not really a gun for those who like to add bits on. Saying that there isnt really a great deal you need to do to it. It shoots very nicely from the box. If you want to run a 9.6v battery you will need to chop a few bits out as there is not a lot of room in the butt. That or switch to a LIPO. However i find as its a V3 it fires plenty fast enough with a 1500MaH 8.4v jobby. If you like to use a sling i would also think twice before using the rear sling mount, its only held in place on the otherside of the plastic with a cir-clip.

On the whole its quite simply the best rifle i have ever used. And im not some lovestruck newbie who has finally bought their first gun. I have owned a LOT of AEG's over the years and this is best, hands down.
Review by 'Prophet'
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