So when i saw this pistol going rather cheap i simply couldnt resist. Im a 1911 junkie through-and-through. However my experience of them in the airsoft world has been a mixed bag. The very first airsoft gun i bought at the tender age of 17 was from cash-converters in Truro. I went in there with my missus of the time and saw that colt governement sitting in a glass cabinet and simply had to have it ! I even had to buy it in two installments as i wasnt working at the time. It was a KWA (i think) springer and i thought it was the nuts. 12 years on and i still love that famous .45 frame. I have since owned a few different versions from WE to KJW and had mixed experiences with them. Of course what i needed to do was invest some proper cash in a decent Japanese pistol . . . I was on the verge of getting a TM glock ~shudders~ when i saw this beauty. At £30 cheaper than a TM glock with aftermarket grips i was instantly sold .

Firstly the important bit, check out this for a box -


I think you'll agree those Japs know how to make a good box ! Nice stamps, plenty of info and a damn good polystyrene interior. The Chinese could learn a thing or two from these guys. Moving onto the actual shooter it looks like this -


In the box you get the usual stuff, instructions, multi-tool and a bag of what appear to be .25's/.28's. The operation of the piece is the same as any other colt. Drop the mag, gas her up, hold down the follower and chuck in 15 or so BB's. Now, my first concern was the gas capacity of the magazine. one of the major flaws with the single stack .45 mags is the lack of chamber space for the gas. However my fears were soon alleviated. It will fire a mag and a half before it needs regassing. In my experience thats about the same as any other make/brand. ok It doesnt hold as many rounds in the mag but neither does a real .45

Once you have reinserted the mag, which clicks in with a very positive feel i might add its a simply matter of racking the slide to chamber a round and you are good to go. The safety is on the left-hand side by your thumb and can be flicked on and off very easily. As with colt models you have a grip saftey too which means the sear does not disengage unless you are gripping the pistol. When you pull the trigger the magic happens. This pistol uses a 'magna blow-back' system, what that means exactly i couldnt tell you but i can tell you it kicks like a mule on propane, VERY satisfying. Also the muzzle report is MUCH quieter than any other GBB i have ever used, makes a dull 'thud' as opposed to a 'clack' like most metal-slide GBB's make. The trigger pull is quite light and only requires around 4mm of the trigger to be pulled. This means it will empty the magazine's contents as fast as you can pull the trigger.

A friend is borrowing my chrono so i cant test it yet but i have heard reports of around the 280-300fps mark on green-gas. As i only recieved this pistol today i have not had a chance to field test it yet but i will do this Sunday and then report back.

A couple of close up pics to show the flawless engraving

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