The club runs it's game every other Sunday. Anybody can come along and give it a go. However, please check the rules page if you are under 18 years old. We also need all players to let us know that they will be coming. This way we can make sure we have a hire-gun and mask for you. Please sing-up to games on the forum. Players should look to be on-site for around 09:30. This will give you around 30 minutes to sort yourself and your kit out.


A regular game day will start by first checking in with the staff so we can sign you in and sort you out with any equipment you may need. All new players will have a safety brief and instruction on how the game and the guns work. Once everybody is ready we'll start with a couple of warm-up games. This will give you a chance to loosen up and 'get your eye in'. Then we'll normally move off to a different area of the site to play a different, longer, style of game. One of the areas that airsoft differs from paintball (it's closest relative) is that the games are generally more tactical. This means scenario games, in a larger area, over a longer period of time. These style games are the bread and butter of airsoft. It's these types of games that attract people to airsoft; working in squads to accomplish an objective. Whereas a paintball game may last 20/30 minutes, a typical airsoft game may last for an hour or more. This makes airsoft more attractive for the military minded individual, who's not looking for a series of quick skirmishes, but rather a game they can get their teeth into and use proper teamwork.


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