As well as the regular walk-on games we also do 'hardcore days'. These crop up every couple of months. They are designed to be more challenging than your average walk-on day. They are still open to everybody, regardless of experience.


Whereas we'd normally play 3 or 4 seperate games in a single day, a hardcore game lasts for the entire day ! So you'll move out at start-ex (around 10:30) and you'll not be back to the car-park until 16:00-17:00, unless of course you absolutely need to. These types of games are scripted. This means there will be a set scenario. Perhaps the jungles of Vietnam or set in WWII. Or something entirely fictional. Sometimes we'll ask players to wear a certain type of clothing, to enhance the plot. The teams will normally be issued with a set of sealed orders which will be opened at specified times throughout the day. Objectives will be varied. Perhaps a saboteur team will have to plant explosives on a bridge. Or a sniper team will have to track and eliminate a high-profile target. Whatever the objectives on the day it'll be a different experience. As the game will last the entire day you will need to take everything you need with you. So all food/water/ammo must be carried with you. Unless your team has a stash point.


By it's very nature this style of game is more demanding than usual. It's harder, physically. It also requires a good level of team-work. Something the more experienced players will help to foster on the ground. It'll encompass radio work, map-reading and working to the clock. By the end of the day you'll probably have traversed the entire site, be wet through and dog-tired. But you'll be grinning. Hardcore games are more 'milsim' style. This means military simulation. This style of game is a world away from paintball. There may well be advanced medic rules in play. Such as having to administer a bandange to a wounded player. Be careful you don't run out of bandages though. We'll also have limits on ammunition. This may mean that you are only allowed to carry a certain amount on you at any one time. If you run out in the field it could mean a long walk back to your teams base. So no 'spray & pray', you'll have to pick your shots.


Keep and eye on the forum to see when the next hardcore game is. If you can hack it . . .


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