As well as the site rules, for your safety and to get the most out of your day at Airsoft KGB we recommend the following


Always wear clothing appropriate to the weather and site conditions. Be advised that even in summer some parts of this site can be wet and muddy. If you do not possess waterproof clothing then a change of clothing is advised. Our site contains many areas of condensed vegetation. This includes brambles and gorse. Please ensure that your choice of clothing is robust enough to be able to withstand thorns. Sensible footwear is a must. We recommend that you wear non-permeable combat boots. We also recommend players wear extra protective equipment such as knee and elbow pads. Slipping in the mud and landing on a rock can be nasty. Appropriate clothing and boots are available at many surplus retailers, on-line and from mail order suppliers.



Eye protection is mandatory, if you don't wear it you leave, immediately. Harsh though this may sound the only part of your anatomy that can be seriously damaged by a bb hit are your eyes, take care of them.

We advise all players to wear a full face mask, preferably a non-mesh version. This will prevent face hits and will also provide protection against any debris originating from pyrotechnics. If you choose not to use a full face mask please consider using a gum shield. This will prevent damage to teeth and the mouth during play. KGB Airsoft cannot be responsible for any injury sustained to the face if the player elects to wear only goggles or they remove their face protection during game play.

We do not advocate that players aim specifically for the head/face at any time whilst participating. Due to the nature of the game however this does happen. This is caused predominantly by three factors. The very nature of airsoft guns means that they are inaccurate especially at ranges in excess of 100 feet. Targets engaged at range can expect that incoming bb's will have a wide spread and therefore could hit any area of the body. Second, in the heat of games focus can be lost and this can result in the decision to fire upon a potential target in a split second. At times this will mean that shots will hit areas not covered by clothing/webbing. Finally targets who position themselves in hard cover will only generally leave a small target area. You can reasonably expect any opposition players to open fire at you if they spot you. This means that if the only thing they can see is the top of your head you can pretty much guarantee that that is where they will aim. Allowing players to shoot at you in this manner may seem to invite injuries, however experience has shown that a; it is impossible to rigorously enforce that players do not do this and b; if you take our advice and wear sensible clothing and head protection you won't have a problem.

In the event that a player chooses not to wear full face protection or a gum shield please be aware that you will occasionally receive hits to the head and face that will sometimes hurt. You have been warned.




This is common sense, always bring water to drink and food to eat. You may if you wish branch out to other forms of liquid such as tea of coffee, or maybe even a fizzy drink. Seriously, bring liquid on a warm day as you will really get dehydrated after just a few short games. The same applies to food, keep your blood sugar up, this will prevent amongst other things side effects such as a headache and fainting. Trust me there is nothing quite so embarrassing as reaching your objective fully kitted out in Gucci kit and then falling down because you didn't eat lunch.

Generally we only stop for half and hour or so for lunch so bring pre-prepared food. Most players just eat of out their webbing 'on the go'




We have at the very least one qualified first aider in attendance at each game. Give us a clue however, if you have a medical condition tell us it could help us help you.




By our very nature our site is founded on the principal that we are a group of friend enjoying a challenging hobby. At times….er well ok all the time this results in colourful language to say the least. Several of our players feel that hitting someone in a game is much much better if it also involves a timely pun for the defeated. Please expect this. On the other hand verbal aggravation is just not on. You must keep a hold of your temper at all times. If you have an issue please talk to a marshal and they will talk it through with you and the object of your unhappiness (if appropriate). On the same theme actual physical violence is very much a no no and if you engage in this or repeated acts of verbal abuse then you will be asked to leave us and never ever return.




Now to be honest we've never had an issue with these but I'll include it just in case. Any person found in possession with any illegal substances whether it be cannabis to weapons grade plutonium will be ask to leave. In addition we will feel obligated to contact the local constabulary.




I think that that about covers everything. If you have any questions then please talk to a marshal or during a game unit leader and they will advise you accordingly.


We hope that you enjoy playing at Airsoft KGB and welcome feedback. Please log into the forums if you have any other questions

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