Airsoft and the use of Realistic Imitation Firearms (RIF's) is covered by a number of UK Laws, all of which must be adhered to implictly.

The ownership of a RIF is NOT ILLEGAL but misuse of it may contravene laws such as:

The Firearms Act 1968
The Anti-Social Behaviour Act 2003
The Violent Crime Reduction Act 2006


Airsoft replicas are a bit of a legal anomaly, much the same as Paintball guns. They are NOT Toys, and they are not classed as Air-Weapons. They are indeed Low-Powered Air-Weapons that fall into the catagory of being under 1ft/lb (or 1.35 Joules) of power. The power at which the Home Office has recommended something becomes lethally barrelled.

Please familiarise yourself with these laws, because as a member of Airsoft KGB, you will be expected to adhere to them to the letter and be an ambassador for the site and the sport. Contravention of these laws will result in expulsion from the site.


In short it is illegal to do the following.

Carry a RIF in a PUBLIC PLACE.
Threaten violence or commit a crime whilst in possesion of a RIF.
Engage in the SALE, IMPORT or MANUFACTURE of a RIF (unless you are a validated skirmisher).
Purchase an Imitation Firearm if you are under 18 years of Age.


For further clarification of the legal issues surrounding airsoft replicas, please visit our forums where our members of staff will be happy to discuss the thrilling vagaries and the myriad of avenues surrounding the LAW.

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